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only with "social games" you can buy goods at incredible prices

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Social Games

Take part to our games and win the chance to buy fantastic stuff with high discounted prices!

New Social Game will be available.

What "Social Games" are?

Social Games are an online new way to save money based on fun and competition at the last click!

Emby will launch some time-based races on the website to which users could take part free in order to gain the first award at a very reduced price, using only the power of social sharing.

Learn more information about races operation in the section "How it works"


Purchase Boosts to climb up the "Social Games" leaderboard

Fidelity points

Earn Fidelity Points for free and spend them in our "Social Games".




Partnership & Sponsors

Are you a company and you want to advertise a product or a brand in an innovative way with no costs?

Are you a youtuber, a blogger, an instagrammer or an influencer and you want to increase your visibility and your followers?

EmbyGames has a partnership & sponsor program tailored for you!

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Here the videos by our Social Games winners

*EmbyGames is the new release of EmbyRace





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